This project is co-funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey.

Strengthening the Conservation and Public Awareness in Gökçeada Underwater Park

The Marine Park of Gökçeada was established in 1999 by the efforts of TUDAV due to the aesthetic and ecological values of the area characterized by large Posidonia meadows and hard bottoms which comprise macroalgal communities and coralligenous habitats. The park receives approximately 7000 tourists/year using the bay for sunbathing, swimming and recreational fisheries during high season (June to September). Since 1999, several conservation and monitoring efforts were effectuated by TUDAV based on voluntary work and donation; the activities were unfortunately not continuous as they depended on budget allocation to the park. TUDAV has now launched a new project, together with the French partner BiEAUdiversité, co-financed by the European Union and Republic of Turkey (within the framework of the Civil Society Dialogue Programme CSD-ENV). The objectives of the project are to arrange the in situ management of the park and raise public awareness on marine biodiversity and environmental conservation, through educative materials and the settlement of an underwater trail. Permanent facilities will be settled into the park and act as a welcoming place and an exhibition area of educative materials. The underwater trail will provide an eco-tourism activity to visitors and help them to observe and experience the local diversity with guidance by an expert. Park rangers will be onsite to monitor all activities and guide visitors to sustainably use and visit the protected area.

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