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Caspian Sea level and ecological problems

Mamedov, R.

An international law perspective of transit of oil and gas in the Caspian Region and the environmental impact of its extraction

Brexendorff, A.

The problem of delimitation in the Caspian Sea Franckx, E., Razavi, A.

Geo-politics of the Caspian Region – energy, environment and (in)security

Aydın, M.


Ecological and fishery problems of the Sea of Azov

Volovik, S. P.

The role of international environmental institutions in protecting regional seas: A focus on the Black Sea

Sezer, S.

The Danube role in the Black Sea contamination

Alexandrov, B., Berlinsky, N., Bogatova, Y., Bushuev, S., Garkavaya G., Zaitsev, Y.


Regional transport demands and the safety of navigation in the Turkish Straits: A balance at risk İstikbal, C.

Ship originated pollution in the Turkish Straits System

Öztürk, B., Öztürk, A. A., Algan, N.

Oil transport in the Turkish Straits

Bilbo, M.

The passage of vessels carrying hazardous cargo through the Turkish Straits

Ünlü, N.

User fees for straits

Oral, N.

Passage regimes and regulatory traffic measures for oil tanker access to enclosed or semi – enclosed seas: Caspian Sea oil and the Turkish and Danish Straits

Plant, G.


Which straits regime in the Aegean Sea?

Toluner, S.

Islands and maritime boundary delimitation in the semi – enclosed of the Aegean

Özbek, D.

The interconnected Aegean Sea disputes

Van Dyke, J.

The significance of the Eritrea/Yemen arbitration for the Aegean insular formations

Kwiatkowska, B.

Some reflections upon maritime boundary delimitation in the Aegean Sea

Versan, R.

Turkish-Greek approaches to resolving the Aegean disputes

Bahçeli, T.

From competition to partnership? A path towards „Aegean‟ reconciliation. A Greek view

Ifantis, K.

Applying the Law of the Sea in the Aegean Sea

Oxman, H. B.


Aspects of governance of regional seas with particular reference to the Mediterranean Sea

Kullenberg, G.

The Adriatic Sea and UNCLOS: the Croatian maritime code and legal regime of its exclusive economic zone

Lulić, M., Vio, I.

Current problems in the Mediterranean Sea

Marsit, M.M.


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