The Istanbul Strait, due to its geographical location and oceanographic features, undertakes the tasks of biological corridor, barrier and acclimatization for the Black Sea and Mediterranean biota. In addition to these duties, the Bosphorus needs to be well known and protected due to its many native, migrant and alien species.

As TUDAV, we examine scientific studies on species living in the Istanbul Strait and Marmara Sea to identify the creatures that use this important habitat. By compiling the marine species recorded from the past to the present, we are creating a biodiversity atlas that aims to protect the species. It is desired to draw attention to the loss of biodiversity of the Istanbul Strait over time by collecting records of formerly owned species. In the Atlas, alien and invasive species that have entered the Bosphorus for various reasons are also shown. As content; A list of species, photographs in the TUDAV archive and maps showing their distribution areas are included.