In the last few years, our seas were invaded by foreign migratory species. Some of them are poisonous and our divers and fisherman do not sufficiently recognize them, giving way to a variety of injuries. On our own coasts, poisonous jellyfishes of massive sizes have a negative impact on our tourism and these regions see a large amount of injury.
On May 5, 2014, in Bodrum, prepared by Turkey Underwater Sports Federation (TSSF), Underwater Medicine and Hyperbaric Medical Society (SHTD) and the Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV) “HARMFUL MARINE ORGANISMS IN TURKISH SEAS”, a one-day workshop was held. Experts were invited to work on, and examine all aspects of the following topics:

1. Poisonous marine species that live in, and came from, Turkish seas or foreign seas
2. Toxicology and toxic properties of poisonous sea creatures found in Turkish waters
3. The main outcomes of National Marine Jellyfish Project
4. Poisonous marine organisms and precautionary measures in terms of public health
5. Import of poisonous marine species and precautionary measures with regard to Underwater Medical Science
6. Coastal municipalities and fighting methods against poisonous marine organisms
7. Efforts to build a national data bank
8. The negative impact of harmful sea creatures on tourism