Marine Biology museum was established by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality to introduce sea life, especially protected species, to people, encourage them to adopt marine culture and look after our natural heritage. The museum aims to educate students of all ages, from kindergarten students to scientists, about Turkey’s marine biological diversity, and our fish and fishery culture. While there is a limited number in our country, many examples of marine biology museums exist in the world with dried or preserved sea creatures intact in the fixative solution as well as skeletons of marine mammals or larger-bodied sea creatures. The Yacht Harbour at the old Post Office building (nearly a 100 m2 area) gives information about Turkey’s sea life including nine species of sharks, 10 species of flat shark, 150 species of bony fish, sponges, corals, shrimp, lobster and crabs, shellfish, octopus, squid and cuttlefish, starfish and sea urchins, (approximately 500 species of sea creatures) on display, as well as protected species and endemic species of the Red Sea.

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