There is a continuous decline of fishing stocks due to the rapid development of fishing technology (!) as well as an increased number of fishing boats each day. Moreover, domestic and industrial pollution destroys the ecological balance, negatively affecting marine stocks. These negative factors lead to a decline in various fish stocks.

Unfortunately, the amount of fish stocks in our seas is not known precisely. Due to the insufficient importance given to marine research, national fishing politics are not developed enough. Because fishing quotas are not enforced, fishermen fish as much as they can. The rapid increase in the number of fishing boats and overfishing causes serious declines on the fish stocks of our seas.

In our country, there are 39 marine organisms that are under threat and need to be protected. Sturgeons, sea trout, tope shark, reefs, sunfish, fatty fish, sea horse, seagrass, sponges, sea turtle, dolphins and monk seal are the species that need to be protected.

Commercial fishing stocks like striped red mullet, red mullet, common sole, flounder, turbot, sea robin, corb, mackerel, bluefish, bonito, bluefin tuna, anchovy, tuna, and shrimps are in serious decline. Even though minimum fishing sizes, fishing periods and legal fishing areas are described in the “circular on the regulations of marine product fishing” prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, General Directorate of Protection and Control, unfortunately, most of the fishermen do not obey these codes. As a result of the insufficient amount of controls and enforcements, illegal trawling and fishing by using lights in the Marmara Sea continues. Threatened species, as well as ones that need protection, are on fishermen’s counters, in big restaurants, hotels and even in fish markets.

Protecting fish stocks depends on the reproduction opportunity given to the fish at least once in its lifetime. If this chance isn’t given, the decline of fish stocks will continue and the species may become extinct in the near future. Everyone in this society should react to this situation. Marine organisms are our joint heritage. The use of marine resources should be sustainable. This heritage should be passed on to the future. Do not buy small-sized fish. This reaction should be our common voice.