SHORE: EmpOweR Students as the Agents of ChangE

“SHORE: EmpOweR Students as the Agents of ChangE” is a collaborative European project funded by the Horizon Europe program dedicated to the mission of enhancing ocean literacy by engaging and mobilizing students, teachers, and schools. Over a span of 36 months, SHORE will concentrate its efforts on five distinct regional areas: the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Danube River Area, and Rhine River Area. This ambitious initiative brings together a consortium of 14 partners and is coordinated by Yıldız Technical University, Türkiye.

Within the scope of the project, guidance and information about the “Blue Curriculum” will be provided to educators and schools in each region. This will assist them in developing their projects, creating their implementations, and formulating educational strategies. Throughout the project’s duration, three open call periods will be organized, granting financial support to successful schools for their blue projects. Furthermore, SHORE will not only provide grants but also offer materials and training to help educators enhance their knowledge levels in sustainable and marine education and support their professional development.

SHORE acknowledges the significance of community involvement and, for this purpose, aims to create broader awareness by organizing exhibitions, workshops, seminars, and meetings involving various stakeholders, not limited to primary and secondary schools. A digital platform will be developed to monitor schools projects and provide a virtual learning environment. Moreover, all materials produced during the project will be made accessible to the public through this platform. Additionally, an international public vote will be held on this digital platform at the end of each school term, determining the best school project to be honored with the “Ocean Ambassador/Literate of the Year” award. This initiative aims to increase awareness, expand participation, and create a broader audience base.

As one of the project partners, TUDAV will work on the enhancement of ocean literacy among educators, students, schools, and other stakeholders in the relevant regions of Türkiye within the project’s scope. As a result of these collaborative efforts, SHORE will take a significant step towards increasing ocean literacy and promoting awareness of ocean conservation on a global scale.