150 people together with the representatives of some institutions have participated in the Marmara Sea Symposium, which was organized in Bakirköy Municipality, Yunus Emre Culture Centre between 25 and 26 September 2010. During the symposium, 63 scientific papers were presented. Moreover, the symposium book was published and distributed to the participants.

Prof. Nadia Pinardi and Mr. Kerem Kemerli have participated in the symposium as invited speakers. Prof. Pinardi’s speech was about the Marsilli’s observations and studies on the water budget and currents of Turkish Straits. His studies had started in 1681 and it is assumed that those oceanography studies were the first ones in the world. Kerem Kemerli talked about the operation of the petrol clearing process in Mexico Bay which is classified as the biggest petrol leakage of the last century.

Furthermore, governmental institutions have also participated in the symposium and the Bluefish Conservation Campaign has received valuable contributions. A special session was organized on the bluefish subject.

Experts pointed out the extent of the Marmara Sea pollution, Mucilage formation, bacteria pollution and their possible threats to public health. It was agreed that fishing activities in the Marmara Sea are a danger and overfishing, as well as illegal fishing, should be prevented, illegal trawl fishing should be controlled and marine protected areas that exclude the fishery activities should be established.

During the seminar, it was pointed out that studies on the ship traffic and dangerous goods transportation are needed and these studies should be based on reliable data including complex scenarios. Cost analysis of potential accidents and studies on how to prevent them should be increased.

Another topic of the symposium was the importance of sharing the information that comes from studies on potential earthquakes with the public. Moreover, reactions to the development of a naming process for the Marmara Sea Trenches were positive. Participants agreed to establish an action plan for the protection of the Marmara Sea which covers all of the stakeholders. In the symposium, it was highlighted that protecting the Marmara would also contribute to the protection of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

It was mentioned that we need more scientific studies. The symposium was over with the wishes and requests of continuing the successful studies of our foundation, the Turkish Marine Research Foundation.

The executive board of the Turkish Marine Research Foundation sends their special thanks to the Bakırköy Municipality, all of the participants and all of the sponsors of this symposium.

Prof. Nadia Pinardi

Prof. Dr. Emin Özsoy Marsili

Prof. Dr. Bayram Öztürk

Prof. Dr. Mümtaz Soysal

Prof. Dr. Kasım Cemal Güven