Marmara Sea Management Plan is prepared in macro dimensions with current knowledge and presented to the public opinion. Our biggest wish is to discuss this plan and then to implement it as soon as possible.


1. First Step: Research and observation program on a regular basis on the aspects of ecology (without ignoring the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea)

A. Interpreting and synthesizing the current knowledge

B. Creating a data bank for the purpose

C. Managing all research as well as creating funds from a single center and civil organization

2. Second Step: New Conservation Developments

A. Urgent precautions

B. Medium and long term precautions and plans.

3. Third Step: Natural Resource Planning

A. Preventing illegal fishing and overfishing, as well as respecting the fishing limits and size and species prohibitions.

B. Preventing sand intake and coast destruction. Limiting second house locations with Marmara coastline and implementing the coast code.

C. New implementation against petrol pollution

D. New implementation for waste and sewage problem

E. Waste control of, first of all, governmental firms, Gemlik Gulf can be a pilot region.

F. Reviewing the control studies of Haliç and other streams

4. Forth Step: Studies on Education and Public Sensitivity

A. Developing a public education and sensitivity program on Marmara Sea pollution, conservation, and restoration with the correct knowledge (without rude politics and populist approaches)

B. Reaching a wide range of public for the sensitivity program

C. Organizing campaigns regarding kids living in Marmara Coastline

5. Fifth Step: Legal Regulations

A. Legal regulations for unified management of related foundations and organizations

B. Regulations on coordination

C. For this reason, determining the legal absences and developing them

D. Providing tools and funds for the controller organizations and strengthening them in regards to the qualified personnel.

6. Sixth Step: Regulations Related to Demographic Momentum (Population)

A. Precautions for slowing down the increase of human population

B. Precautions for preventing migration to Marmara Region

C. Precautions related to the limitation of industrial facilities in the Marmara Sea and surrounding regions

D. Precautions on the conservation of farm sites, forests and river basins

1. Pollution in Marmara Sea takes its origin from domestic, industrial and ship facilities. Domestic pollution is the densest one within those. Unfortunately, Marmara almost became open sewage because a purification system isn’t employed in this region. The reason behind the industrial pollution is mostly governmental factories. Most of these factories should be closed down according to the environmental laws but they continue to work for the sake of populism.

During those pollutions, the strength of the Marmara Sea comes from the saltier and oxygen-rich water mass originated from the Mediterranean. However, the number of living organisms in the first 50 meters (usually the most productive part) are limited. Moreover, Marmara Sea has been polluted from the Black Sea as well. Recent studies show that, even though the amount is limited, Black Sea gets polluted from the deep water of Istanbul Strait.

2. In Marmara Sea, there is no extinct species but there are species whose populations are in decline. Their number exceeds 50, and there are species such as monk seals, sturgeons, shrimps, crabs, etc.

3. Even though what we mean with pollution measures is not accurate, the turbidity which we use as a pollution parameter has been increased by %80 in the last 3 years. Moreover, plankton blooms are also increased. Especially during the summer period, due to the lack of oxygen, mass deaths are observed around the Prince Islands.

4. We are hoping that the new government will adopt this plan developed by TUDAV and implement the Marmara Action Plan. The plan is attached.

5. The origin of pollution in Aegean and Mediterranean is similar to the Marmara Sea.

Prepared by TUDAV Marmara Group