Advancing Black Sea Research and Innovation to Co-Develop BlueGrowth within Resilient Ecosystems (BRIDGE-BS)

The EU-funded Horizon 2020 Programme project BRIDGE-BS is launched.  The project is being implemented with 33 partners around the Black Sea, through Middle East Technical University’s coordination.

The Black Sea ecosystem increasingly suffers from negative impacts from several human-induced stressors, such as eutrophication, hypoxia, overfishing and introduction of alien species. BRIDGE-BS project will assess Black Sea’s ecosystem services and their resilience to such human-induced stressors. It will map, monitor and model ecosystem services and their responses to stressors in order to support development of a sustainable and climate-neutral blue economy in the region.

As a project partner, TUDAV will conduct research particularly in the Turkish Straits region and also carry out activities to increase ocean literacy and contribute to a more ocean-engaged Black Sea community.



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