After Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV) was informed by the Coast Guard of Iskenderun on the 8th of January, we immediately travelled to Iskenderun. Juvenile Fin Whale, was loaded on the Municipality’s track with the help of the local Coast Guard and Limak Port staff and transported to Iskenderun Technical University Marine Sciences and Technology Faculty garden. With the coordination of TUDAV Vice President, Dr. Arda M. TONAY, the necropsy was performed here on the highly decomposed body of the fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus).

Several external parasites (Pennella sp.) were found on the approximately six-month old young female whale, which is 10.72 m. long and 4 tons of estimated weight. It is assumed that the whale, which was still thought to be in the lactation period, had feeding problems after losing its mother and died due to related health issues.

Up to now, four stranding cases and one live sighting of Fin Whales were recorded in the Turkish coast.