CeNoBS Project

Support MSFD Implementation in the Black Sea Through Establishing a Regional Monitoring System of Cetaceans (D1) and Noise Monitoring (D11) for Achieving GES

Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) represents the pillar of the European Union, aiming for “Good Environmental Status” (GES) in European marine waters by 2020. As is well known, the Black Sea is one of the most vulnerable regional seas and Romania and Bulgaria are the European Member States responsible for the implementation of MSFD, in close collaboration with the other non-EU countries, Ukraine and Turkey.

Two-year project activities started in January 2019 in order to collect baseline data on the distribution/abundance of the Black Sea cetacean populations, bycatch pressure, and to implement effective noise monitoring in the region.

The main objectives are to assess D1 (Biological Diversity) cetacean related criteria and establishment of threshold values, to assess and support the development of D11 (Energy and Noise) monitoring in the Black Sea and to enhance coordination among the Black Sea region through the dissemination of the project activities and outcomes.