Dear Kids!

You will meet with a cute friend, Tombik. You will get the know his life and his home which is getting dirty every day because of us. You are going to want to help Tombik and the animals like him. Dear kids, you can start to help him, right away with these pictures.

Do you want to know how?

Paint them!

Either in your computer or after printing them, as you wish.

Paint them and make them real, make them live

The life of Tombiks which is getting dirtier and harder every day, can become more colorful with your help

You can start to change Tombiks’ life with these pictures

Is there any of you hasn’t seen the monk seals?

Here you go, I am a monk seal.

Do you want to know me?

My name is Tombik.

I prefer to live in isolated and silent beaches and caves of Mediterranean.


I love eating fish and I love swimming.

And of course I love my mom the most. Because my mom is very important for me. Like every other mother, my mom feeds me with her milk, loves me and protects me.

Every morning after the breakfast, I leave my home and go to play with my friends. I follow the fishes and swim from one coast to the other in the blue waters of Mediterranean.

And when I get tired, I climb up to the rocks, get sunned and rest and sleep like an angel. Do you sleep like me during the mid day? We, monk seals, love the silence and nature very much.

My granddad Tonton told me that “once open a time, there was lots of monk seals in the Mediterranean”.

Now, our numbers are getting less every day.

We need everyone to love and protect us for our survival.

Also people shouldn’t damage our living places which are our home.

Unfortunately our living spaces start to get dirty. People settled to our beaches and they built many houses, hotels and factories. We couldn’t even get a nap from all these noises they created. They drop their wastes to our living and playing spaces.

My granddad Tonton told me that “we should go to the places where human doesn’t make dirty their environments. Also to the places where is more silent and clean” But unfortunately, it is really difficult to find places like this.

Also the number of fishes getting less each day because of the dirty seas. We don’t find enough food to feed ourselves anymore. So we try to catch fishes from the nets which are dropped to the seas by the fishermen. And sometimes without our willing, when we catch the fishes, we damage their nets. And the fishermen get really angry to us.

Dear Kids!

Tell the fishermen that they shouldn’t get angry to us. Love us! And promise that you also tell your parents to love us. Then we can live happily with our families and friends in a clean and silent environment. Because we love you and nature very much.

Kids, the story of Tombik is over here. We need to protect and clean our environment for letting every animal to live happily. We need to show some afford to let the monk seals like Tombik to live.