Mediterranean Angel Sharks: SubRegional Action Plan (SubRAP)
GSA 24 (Northern Levant Sea)

Three species of Critically Endangered angel shark are present in the Mediterranean with overlapping ranges:
Squatina aculeata Sawback Angelshark (EN)
Squatina oculata Smoothback Angelshark (EN)
Squatina squatina Angelshark (EN)
The Mediterranean Angel Sharks: Regional Action Plan (Gordon et al., 2019) sets out a roadmap to help restore these enigmatic species to robust populations in the region. It acts as a call to action for stakeholders to work together to address the challenges faced by these three imperilled species.
With over 20 coastal states and territories, the complex nature of the Mediterranean creates further need for highly collaborative action to build capacity for angel shark conservation. To allow a tailored approach in priority regions, SubRegional Action Plans (SubRAPs), such as this, are designed to facilitate further coordinated action by engaging regional stakeholders including governments and industry.

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