Submission on the ISA’s Draft Strategic Plan

Protect the marine environment from harm This is a submission in response to the call for comments on the draft Strategic Plan of the International Seabed Authority, which was requested by the Council in ISBA23/A/13. The undersigning organisations would like to focus on some fundamental questions that need to be addressed first and foremost, and which we would like to see integrated in the ISA Strategic Plan. We are deeply concerned about the potentially irreversible losses of marine biodiversity which will likely result from deep-sea mining. While much remains unknown about deep-sea ecosystems, recent science calls for a fundamental rethinking of the course set towards allowing commercial deep sea mining […]

Good News!

Angelsharks, guitarfishes, roughshark, devilfishes, thintail thresher, shortfin mako, thornback ray, longnose spurdog are protected from now in Turkey with the contributions of TUDAV.