16th meeting of Barcelona Convention and its additional issues were organized between 3 and 5 November 2009 in Maracas, Morocco

Opening speeches were done by the committee president, UNEP authority and representatives of Morocco Energy, Mining, Water and Environment Ministry. Each issue was discussed one by one by the suggestions of international and national NGOs. Therefore Maracas declaration was prepared. Establishing Marine Protected Area two for Italy and one for France and Morocco and adding them to the list of Special Protected Area for Mediterranean (SPAMI) decisions were taken. During the second day of the meeting, Climate Warming subject were discussed and representatives of Ministries explained the undertaken facilities to prevent the climate warming. Moreover, it is targeted to strengthen the cooperation which has developed on the frame of Mediterranean Action Plan. Creating this kind of relationship would eventually develop the Mediterranean Regional Environment Management. During this, institutions and stakeholders would try to sustainable use the resources. During the meeting, some additional activities were established. A project was explained on the leadership of RAC/SPA in one of these activities. The project was on the protection of marine areas which are outside range of the national water. RAC/SPA was encouraged the countries and NGOs on the establishment of SPAMI.

TÜDAV evaluated and followed the undertaken decisions on the environmental and national resources.