An international protocol was being prepared for the ‘Integrated Coastal Zone Management of Mediterranean’ by the framework of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP). Earlier, the experts that came together in Split (Croatia) and Loutraki (Greece) carried out four different meeting. And as a representative of our foundation, Assoc. Doc. Dr. Erdogan Güven participated to the fifth meeting which was done in Greece. Not only legal representative of Mediterranean Countries participated to this meeting but also expert groups among the countries and related institutions of UN also participated and TUDAV participated to this meeting as observer NGO. 32 matters from 6 different titles were discussed during the meeting that includes general concepts, cooperation in management, economic effectiveness of the region, environmental parameters, and ext. And discussions on all of these matters are being continued. When the protocol is over, this is going to be a binding international protocol by the acceptance of the legislature of participant countries.