In last few years our seas were invade by foreign migratory species. Some of them are poisonous and our divers and fisherman not recognize enough so in these case it causes variety of injuries. In our particular coast massive size of poisonous jellyfishes have negative impact on our tourism and these regions have large amount of injury.
May 5, 2014 date in Bodrum, on the part of Turkey Underwater Sports Federation (TSSF), Underwater Medicine and Hyperbaric Medical Society (SHTD) and the Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV) “HARMFUL MARINE ORGANISMS IN TURKISH SEAS” one-day workshop will be held. Subject matter experts were invited to workshops on the following topics will be examined in all its aspects. Concerned about the issue of institutions and organizations to do work alongside the establishment of a working group is planned. Workshop presentations will be published as a book.

1. Poisonous marine species that live and came from Turkish seas or foreign seas
2. Toxicology and toxic properties of poisonous sea creatures found in waters of Turkey
3. The main outcomes of National Marine Jellyfish Project
4. In terms of public health how affect poisonous sea creatures and the measures to be taken
5. In terms of Underwater Medical Science import of poisonous sea creatures and measures to be taken
6. Coastal municipalities and fighting methods against poisonous sea creature
7. Efforts to build national data bank
8. Harmful sea creatures that may be harmful to tourism impact