The species, known as puffer fish, comes from the Red Sea and pass to the Eastern Mediterranean and Turkish water. It is poisonous. This fish shouldn’t be touched or eaten. Some of the features of this fish are listed below;

Lagocephalus sceleratus (Gmelin 1788)

Family Features;

It possesses two different lateral lines. The below lateral line is found under the skin fold.

The neck of the tail is thin.

Tail fin shapes like a crescent

There is a papilla, which is not fully developed, on the both side of the nose.

There is no fish scale on the back side of its body.

It occurs in all of the oceans

Species Features:

It has a thin and long body.

There are spines on the front part and the back part of the body

Number of dorsal fin rays are 11-13, anal fin rays 9-12, Pectoral fin rays 16-18.

It’s a poisonous species

Habitat features;

Lives in the rocky areas.

Demersal. They can be find at 10 to 50m depth (Found in 100m)


They feed on benthic invertebrates


Eggs and Larvae are pelagic.


It is originated from Indo-Pacific. It passed from the Red Sea to Mediterranean via Suez Cannel. Lots of individual caught in Turkish and Israeli part.