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Angelsharks, guitarfishes, roughshark, devilfishes, thintail thresher, shortfin mako, thornback ray, longnose spurdog are protected from now in Turkey with the contributions of TUDAV.

TUDAV’s membership of the High Seas Alliance

TUDAV’s membership of the High Seas Alliance Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV) is now a member of the High Seas Alliance! The High Seas Alliance (HSA), with its 35 non-governmental members, as well as the IUCN, has been working towards protecting approximately 50% of the planet that is the high seas, since its founding in 2011. As the region of the global ocean that is beyond national jurisdiction, the high seas includes some of the most biologically important, least protected, and most critically threatened ecosystems in the world. HSA members work together to inspire, inform and engage the public, decision-makers and experts to support and strengthen high seas governance and […]

TUDAV’s membership of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition

TUDAV’s membership of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV) is now a member of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC) was founded in 2004 to address the issue of bottom trawling on the high seas, in the absence of an effective regime for the management of deep-sea fisheries on the high seas and in response to international concerns over the harmful impacts of deep-sea bottom trawling. Working with scientists, NGOs, intergovernmental organizations and numerous governments, the DSCC has effectively and consistently targeted the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and other international fora to call for action. From the beginning, the DSCC […]

Jellyfishes of Eastern Mediterranean

Jellyfishes of Eastern Mediterranean The poster was prepared by the Turkish Marine Research Foundation and printed by the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation to increase awareness on possible threats of poisonous by gelatinous organisms (mostly jellyfish) on the coast of Eastern Mediterranean. In case of human contact, these organisms may cause a variety of medical problems. The poster gives provides methods of treatment coping of consequences in case of emergency. Please click to download the pdf file of poster.

2017 Turkish Seas Report Published

2017 Turkish Seas Report Published We have prepared a detailed report on the Turkish seas for the occasion of its 20th anniversary and announced via press conference on 8th Janurary 2018. TUDAV warns everyone including policy-makers, private companies and public institutions about the critical state of our seas and urges all stakeholders to protect them and prevent pollution. Please click to the report

Don’t Drown Fish

Don’t Drown Fish Turkish Marine Research Foundation started a new partnership with Fairy in its 20th year since its establishment. This partnership aims to minimize the effect of phosphate, one of the chemicals found in detergents, to the seas where it eventually ends up. It is also envisaged to meet the EU standards. As a priority, the project team has decided to draw attention of public to the effect of eutrophication, caused by excess amount of phosphate, to marine life. The first activity was organized as “Balıklar Boğulmasın” (Don’t drown fish). “Balıklar Boğulmasın” highlights the underwater photographs of celebrities and sea-loving people, taken by a master photographer Tamer Yildiz. These […]

We celebrated 20th Anniversary

We celebrated 20th Anniversary TÜDAV’ın 20. yılı çok güzel bir gece ile kutlandı. Moda Deniz Kulübünde düzenlenen gece, kokteyl ile başladı ardından yemeğe geçildi ve Vakıf Başkanı Prof. Dr. Bayram Öztürk’ün Hoşgeldiniz konuşmasının ardından Bilim ve Basın Ödülleri verildi. Ödül alan hocalarımız ve basın mensupları; Ali Kurumahmut, Prof.Dr. Emin Özsoy, Prof.Dr. Gökhan Halıcı, Prof.Dr.Maide Çimşit, Prof.Dr.Murat Sezgin, Doç. Dr. Mustafa Yücel, Handan Erdoğan, Gökhan Karakaş ve Serkan Tahmaz oldu. Ayrıca gecede yeni Antarktika kitabının ve 2017 TUDAV Denizler Raporu’nun tanıtımı da yapıldı. Bu keyifli gece için tüm katılımcılara ve bizi yalnız bırakmayan dostlarımıza teşekkür ederiz.