Keith Brander and Climate Change

Vakfımızın davetlisi olarak ülkemize gelen Nobel ödüllü bilim insanı Prof. Keith Brander, “İklim Değişikliği ve Denizlere Etkisi” konulu bir konuşma yaptı. Moda Deniz Kulübü’nde gerçekleşen kokteylimizin katılımcılarına teşekkür ederiz.

8th June World Oceans Day

Happy World Oceans Day! “Gender and the Ocean”, the theme of this year’s edition of World Oceans Day, is an opportunity to explore the gender dimension of our relationship with the Mediterranean. Gender equality and the empowerment of women is at the heart of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. #SaveOurOcean #DünyaOkyanuslarGünü #‎WorldOceansDay‬ The video message of Peter Thomas, UN Special Envoy for the Ocean, which was sent to Turkish Marine Research Foundation specifically for the 8th June World Oceans Day last year

Mediterranean Symposia on Marine Key Habitats and Non-Indigenous Species

Mediterranean Symposia on Marine Key Habitats and Non-Indigenous Species 14-18 January 2019 – Antalya, Turkey A Symposium will be organized by the Mediterranean Regional Action Center / Special Protected Areas (RAC / SPA) on the “Mediterranean Symposia on Marine Key Habitats and Non-Indigenous Species” with the regional organization of TÜDAV. The international meeting will be held in 14-18 January 2019 in Antalya. Experts from across the Mediterranean region will discuss their current knowledge of the species and habitats of the key species and the extent and importance of the NIS in the Mediterranean. Oral and poster presentations, recent research on this issue, research results and effects on marine and coastal biodiversity will be […]

High Sea Debates in the UN started!

TUDAV participated and invited  the First Intergovernmental Conference on an internationally legally binding instrument under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea for Marine Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ) at the UN Headquarter in New York, on 4-14 September, as a member of High Seas Alliance (HSA). High seas consist 2/3rd of the world’s oceans and 95% in terms of volume, yet less than 1 % has been protected. As marine genetic resources are exploited, IUU fishing and overfishing in high seas are threatening the resource, the ecological service of high seas is not fully understood, we urgently need a legal instrument to protect BBNJ. This is the first negotiation […]

World Oceans Day

Plastics do not belong in the ocean! On the 8th of June, we celebrated World Oceans Day at Caddebostan Divers Club in Istanbul with the participation of marine lovers from around Turkey. Main action focus of the day defined by the UN was to “prevent plastic pollution at sea and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean.” A short film prepared by TUDAV was screened at the event, along with the exclusive video message of Peter Thomas, UN Special Envoy for the Ocean, which was sent to TUDAV specifically for the day. Additionally, the trailer of ACCOBAM’s new international project, ASI-ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative, was also screened at the event in order […]

Submission on the ISA’s Draft Strategic Plan

Protect the marine environment from harm This is a submission in response to the call for comments on the draft Strategic Plan of the International Seabed Authority, which was requested by the Council in ISBA23/A/13. The undersigning organisations would like to focus on some fundamental questions that need to be addressed first and foremost, and which we would like to see integrated in the ISA Strategic Plan. We are deeply concerned about the potentially irreversible losses of marine biodiversity which will likely result from deep-sea mining. While much remains unknown about deep-sea ecosystems, recent science calls for a fundamental rethinking of the course set towards allowing commercial deep sea mining […]

Good News!

Angelsharks, guitarfishes, roughshark, devilfishes, thintail thresher, shortfin mako, thornback ray, longnose spurdog are protected from now in Turkey with the contributions of TUDAV.