The Turkish Marine Research Foundation (Türk Deniz Araştırmaları Vakfı: TUDAV) was established in 1997 for the aim of conducting researches on marine sciences, protecting marine lives, educating public on marine environment and rising awareness on its importance in our life. It has published more than 50 books since its establishment as well as a scientific journal “Journal on the Mediterranean/Black Sea Environment” three times a year. TUDAV has conducted several researches and projects by the support of international institutions like UNEP–UNDP and European Union, as well as by the support of private sectors. TUDAV has also become an observer for Black Sea Environment Program (BSEP), Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP), ACCOBAMS, MedPAN, and ICCAT. TUDAV coordinates educational projects on the protection of our seas by conducting summer schools and seminars. TUDAV organizes many workshops on current problems like pollution, especially in the Turkish Straits, marine biodiversity, sustainable fishery, marine protection areas and alien species. Moreover, it also makes an effort on the implementation of responsible fishery in Turkey by organizing seminars. It continues to advocate marine protected areas, to fight against IUU fishing, to protect marine environment from various pollution sources, and to monitor biodiversity in the Turkish waters. Recently it has started supporting the Turkish initiative on Antarctic expeditions.

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Once open a time, sword and tuna fishes pass from the Istanbul Strait and migrate to the Black Sea. Like the other migrant fishes. But “Istanbul strait” which is an ecological corridor, is under threat due to the pollutions and overfishing. We try to raise awareness on fishermen and public for the aim of creating sustainable fisheries and preventing the pollutions. Furthermore, studies on the protection of Monk Seal in our country, continues.



We create a databank for the purpose of reaching data of marine studies and researches in our country easily. Especially for the ship strikes, this databank is an important reference source.


TUDAV conducts many research projects especially on biodiversity. For this concept, there is a long term project on the subject of Turkish Strait.


Our researches are presented to the scientific world both in Turkish and English. Moreover, we prepare books on the current problems of our seas. Our foundation publishes an annual scientific journal titled Turkish Marine Life Journal. Also, TUDAV has been the publisher of the scientific periodical “Journal of the Black Sea/Mediterranean Environment”, searched in international databases, since 2011.


TUDAV pays importance on sharing the every kind of information with wide range of people. We conduct seminars and summer schools for raising awareness on marine environment, problems that those marine environments face with and protection strategies. Underwater photograph competition and fisheries festivals are organized for the aim of introducing Turkish seas and marine organisms to the public. TUDAV translate the book of “RA” written bu Thor Heyerdahl. Thus we also follow the publications of other countries.

Special Protected Areas

Our attempts on the establishment of marine parks and special protected area are continuing. Thus researches and implementation can be conducted and public awareness can be raised.